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Hunting Packages

We offer our clients a selection of Hunting Packages to choose from.
View the cards below to choose which one suits your needs the best.  

Hunting Packages

Budget Package

7/10 Day Hunt

1 Hunter with a selection of Trophees.

Night Creatures

8 to 10 Days

Honey Badger x1
Civet Cat
Add: Caracal & Serval


5 Days 

1 x Hunter 


10 Days

1 Hunter 
Add a Sable or Roan

Personalised Package

7 / 10 DaysHunt

A) Kudu / Eland /Sable (<37)
B) Nyala/ Waterbuck / Red Hartbeest
C) Gemsbuck / Blue Wildebeest / Zebra / Black Wildebeest
D) Impala / Blesbuck / Warthog / Common Springbuck
We also offer you a selection of 2 Options on the personalised Package.

A word of thanks

To our clients, especially the ones returning year after year, a special thank you for your support and trust.

We are looking forward to seeing you again...

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